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1215 Bixby Drive
City of Industry, California 91745
United States

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Toll Free: 1-877-4-SEIBON
Local: (+1) 626.968.2010
Facsimile: (+1) 626.968.7515

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TERMS OF AGREEMENT: In return for the SEIBON products supplied to me under this agreement for use in racing and show activities, I do hereby give SEIBON International, Inc. my unqualified consent to publish in any form or manner in connection with SEIBON International, Inc. advertising or for any other purposes, any or all of the following: my name, news stories, or any items of interest about me. I give this consent fully and without additional cost or favorable publicity and exposure possible. In consideration of SEIBON International Inc.’s sponsorship, I further agree to the following: to exclusively endorse and use SEIBON carbon products, and to display a SEIBON logo on the sponsored products: Hood (Center) – (1) Minimum size of 24x4 Or Hood (Headlight Area) – (2) Minimum size of 10x2 & Trunk – (1) Minimum size of 24x4 Furthermore, I will not endorse or be sponsored by any other manufacturers of similar products as sold by SEIBON International, Inc.

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