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AIMGAIN x Seibon Carbon GT86

If you're under the belief that “once you’ve seen an FRS, you’ve seen them all”, you couldn’t be more wrong. AIMGAIN’s Tokyo Auto Salon GT86 is a whole different breed.

This build is both subtle and a breath of fresh air. In an attempt to captivate attention, it doesn’t require much effort.

AIMGAIN Seibon GT86 AIMGAIN GT86 features a Seibon Carbon TS-style hood. Photo credit:

Its most obvious feature is its color and aero. A light shade of orange helps highlight the 86’s lines and body kit. For those unfamiliar with this kit, this is a collaboration kit between AIMGAIN and Stance Nation.

AIMGAIN GT86 Seibon TS hood Photo credit:

Also on the exterior, a Seibon Carbon TS-style hood. The TS hood features dual side heat release vents that not only help function as a ventilation system, but also add a hint of aggressiveness.

Seibon Carbon FRS TS hood AIMGAIN GT86 features a Seibon Carbon TS-style hood. Photo credit:
aimgain tau frs Photo credit:

It’s not difficult to see why AIMGAIN’s GT86 was commended at TAS 2016!


Learn about AIMGAIN here. See more on this build here.


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