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Seibon Type R Meet

This past weekend we held our first Type R Meet. Before we get into it, we want to thank every single person that made time and checked out the event. We also want to say a big thank you to our food trucks ( I Love Funnel Cakes, Funky Chef Cafe, and Chu Thong Coffee) that came out that morning.

The idea we had behind this was to bring Type R owners together for a nice, relaxing event. We didn't want anything crazy. It wasn't a show, no trophies, just an event for car enthusiasts. Our meet was an open invite, meaning it wasn't only for Type R owners, but for everyone. And that's exactly how it went. We thank everyone who respected our rules and our property.

So how many Type Rs showed up? Well, we had a few DC2s and a lot of FK8s. We believe in total there was around 35 Fk8s, but in the photo above, there are 30. Much more than we expected. It was great to see shop owners, big companies and car owners socializing and discussing the Type R . This is exactly what we had in mind for our meet.

We we're also very happy to see other cars come out. We didn't want this to be only for Type Rs, we wanted this to be for car enthusiasts. No matter what you drive, or what you like, we wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed the event.

To thank everyone that came out, we held a raffle towards the end of the event. Prizes included: Seibon t-shirts, hoodies, hood props, license plate frames, and a grand prize of our carbon fiber backpack.

Do you think we should organize more meets? Let us know!

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